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What is the Pittsburgh Independent Media Center?
The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center is the portion of the global Indymedia network located in western Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Pittsburgh IMC is to provide an alternative media outlet to the inhabitants of this fair city and the surrounding land. For more information see our mission statement.

Mission Statement
The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center is a voluntary collective dedicated to serving the local community with a system for disseminating print and online news. Our coverage will be the issues and events ignored by mainstream media, and also those issues that mainstream media covers with the inherent bias of a news organization run as a business. We believe that the job of disseminating information does not belong to a privileged class of reporters and editors, but to everyone. It is our duty as citizens to act as journalists so that the public knows the truth in every instance, not just when the truth is to our political and economic rulers' advantage. We seek to be an inclusive organization which will grow as a community, and not as a hierarchy.

Get Involved
Since we believe that the ability to report the news belongs to everyone, it is up to you the individual to take the initiative. If you would like to get involved in the Pittsburgh IMC, plese go to the contact page and send us an email. For information on specific duties, check out the working groups page.

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